Need Great Resume

INFOGRAPHIC: Here's Why You need a Great Resume

Resume Infographic Feature

Resume Infographic

Here's why you need a great resume!

Resume Infographic

30 seconds is the time spent by the recruiter on your resume

Research indicates that only 6 to 30 secs are spent on the first scan. The Content and Presentation has to make the most of this limited time.

1/20 applications make it through to the interview shortlist

Out of 100 applications, 20-25 make it to the hiring manager, and out of that 4-6 get shortlisted for the interview.

Get more interview calls to shorten the job search cycle

Depending on your years of experience, it can take anytime between 1 month to 6 months to find a new job. Don’t go unprepared for the interview, read up on our insightful tips on interviews.


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