5 Quick Tips to Craft a Powerful Resume Headline

Resume Headline

Why is a Resume Headline important?

A good resume headline throws a great impression on the recruiter. A resume headline is important in communicating to the reader the exact position you are interested in and what sets you apart as a candidate. Excluding a headline, a recruiter or hiring manager will spend too much time digging through your resume or make an educated guess as to what you want to do.

A headline needs to be an ideal mix of what you want to convey but precisely. It has to have the right match of words that sum up your profile the best.

#5 Quick Tips to create a good Resume Headline

#1 Keep it Concise

Your resume headline must contain the exact mix of words. However, it can't be jargons and complex sentences. The headline has to be concise. The goal of a headline is to state your value as a candidate. Anything longer defeats the purpose of a headline.

#2 Capitalize your Headline

One smart trick to create an impressive headline is to capitalize on the words in your headline. This will make for a good title for your resume. Focus on the keywords in your entire resume that will aid in creating a headline that stands out.

A good headline will be whatever that is most relevant for the role that you are applying to. It makes sense to add that you are an Electronics and Communications major applying to a Marketing position.

Eg: Digital Marketing Aspirant | IIT-B

#3 Avoid Clichés

Your resume headline can't be a mix of cliché words. The purpose of creating a good headline is to ensure that your resume stands out from the others. Avoid cliché words like 'hard worker', 'good communicator' - these words appear on every other resume.

#4 Use Keywords

Draft your headline using keywords related to your skills and work experience. You can also use keywords related to the job listing, and those that apply to your profile. The use of keywords will demonstrate how fit you are for the job you intend to apply.

Eg: Software Support, IT Professional

#5 Use a New Headline for Each Job

It may be a little extra work, but use a new headline for each job application. This effort also gives the hiring manager an impression that you have taken time and tailor-made a headline for each respective role. After you thoroughly read the job listing, make sure you list down the skills and attributes required. Consequently, this will aid in creating an innovative headline for each job application you put in.

Thus, a Headline adds great value to not only your resume but also creates an excellent first impression for the hiring manager. A resume is not just any piece of paper, just as the headline is not just a mix of random words on your resume. Take the effort, go an extra mile, and create a good resume headline.

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